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Hi all,
    It is great to find a forum for V8 Mustangs. I presently own one I bought new in 1990. It's a 5.0L sedan with a 5 sp and has a whopping 10K original miles on it. I really like that car and drive it on occasion. But here's my question and the reason for it. I presently have a 2001 Honda Accord coupe with about 15 times the mileage I have on my 5.0L and I am looking to replace the Accord in the near future. Well, I like both Ford and Honda cars (go figure..) and have owned them since I started driving. But, after test driving the new Accord, and after looking at Fords from the Focus to the Mustang GT, I find that  at this time Ford just plain builds a better car. While Honda and the other Japanese makers are living on their past reputation, Ford has quietly moved up into the realm of world class quality. Anyway, to the point. How reliable is the new (1997 and newer) V8 Mustang? Also what kind of fuel economy can one expect with these cars if one is not a lead foot and takes it easy on them for a daily commute. My driving is mostly on roads where there are no stop signs and only a couple red lights for 20 miles. Speeds would be in the 60 -65 mph range.
I'll tell you up front, I am not interested in a 6 cyl. Have had nothing but bad luck with every  V or inline 6 I have ever had to use. Call it a karma sort of thing. I just don't do 6 cyl's.
To give an idea of how I drive, I can get around 28 mpg from my 1990 5.0L. I know, I know, silly question to ask about a Mustang GT, but as I said, it will replace a 4 cyl Honda Accord so I would like to avoid a car that is only going to deliver 18 mpg while  coasting.. My friend gets 26 mpg with his Crown Vic (2003 I think) so I was hoping the Mustang, if driven conservatively, may do a tad bit better. Also, do they need premium gas or do they run on regular. My 5.0L will run on just about anything except ethanol. . Thanks..

I think that's a really good question actually. If you're gonna get a daily driver, why not have fun with it and make it a Mustang. I did. I drive an '07 GT and since I bought it new I've already put 170000 km on it so I definately daily drive it. When I bought it I noticed that the MPG posted on the windows was only about 2 mpg better in the V6 anyway. Besides if you're buying a Mustang a V8 is the only way to go, in my opinion.
If I put it on cruise control at 60 mph i'll get about 30 mpg with it. At 45-50 mpg on a level road in 5th gear I can get 35-40 MPG. In the city I'll get 16-20 MPG if I take it easy. That being said, putting your foot into it doesn't even kill the fuel mileage as bad as you would think, it's still quite decent, in fact I've stopped caring really and drive it how I want to drive it.
The way I look at it is, sure it's no Honda Civic for fuel mileage but there are a lot of people who are driving trucks and SUVs that spend more money. There are also a lot of people that are driving mid size cars with V6s that don't get much better mileage.
I made a highway trip once with a friend who was driving a 1991 Subaru WRX which is a 4-cylinder. Yes, it is a boosted and powerful 4 cylinder but on the highway, our fuel mileage wasn't any different.
My 1991 4.3 V6 blazer gets way worse fuel mileage. Even on the highway I can only manage about 18-20 MPG and it's way less powerful.

Another thing to consider is the new 2011 5.0 Mustang. It's rated at 37 MPG I think whereas my 07 4.6 was rated at 31 MPG.

I would say that unless you're gonna complain about not getting the fuel mileage of an economy car then there's nothing really to worry about.

I looked on the stickers on the new ones and around here (north Florida) they show around 26 mpg for highway. When I do buy another car, I'm probably going to look at one that is a couple years old with somewhere around 30K on it. I don't normally buy new cars but need something that is newer then what I am driving presently. From what I saw in the newer Mustangs, their build quality has really improved and that was what really got me. I have been satisfied with my Honda vehicles, but they are 10 years old. You confirmed my suspicions that these V6 sedans and coupes don't do all that well on gas. Also, I am really into going back to rear wheel drive.
Well, I do believe I am going to be on the look out for a 2007 or newer Mustang with low mileage. Down here a lot of older people will trade them in every 3 or 4 years just because they can. Many times these cars are cream puffs with low mileage. I was just worried about ending up with something that gets 15 mpg in a world where gas is slated to hit over $4.00 a gallon again. Also, I have a  flat bed trailer that is really too much for most 4 cyl cars like my Accord. I know a V8 Mustang could tow it as if it were a feather. Don't need to tow it often, but when I do, it would be nice to have a little stouter car then an Accord coupe.
   Oh, one other question, since you have a lot of miles on your Mustang, how has the reliability been? Any major issues other then the usual brake pad replacements, tire replacements and normal maintenance that would be expected for any car? I don't meet many people down here who own late model V8 Mustangs..

I haven't had an problems with it. I'm big on maintenance. no skimping on any fluid/filter changes. Lube the caliper sliders frequently (really easy, takes me 15 minutes not including taking wheels off). Mine is also undercoated and I touched up the undercoating where rocks chipped it. I've had the car in ice, snow, mud, you name it and it's been fine (just turn off the traction control if your in those conditions)
I've had only minor stuff like the driver's side door handle sticking out a bit at like 25000 miles. warranty took care of that. the ebrake cable seized up once because ice got in it. warranty took care of that. battery replaced once under warranty. Oh I did have to rebuild the alternator at 93000 Miles or so. only took a couple hours. drove the car to the alternator shop, pulled the alternator out in the driveway (10 min), got it rebuilt and put it back in. no biggy.

As for tires, the 17" Pirellis lasted about 68000 miles and I wasn't easy on them. I've upgraded now to the 18" wheels with BFG KDWS now. They probably won't last as long but i'm fine with that. The brakes work very well. high speed ( 130 MPH ) braking did start to cook them but who does that anyway? I replaced them at 75000 miles with an upgrade. powerslot rotors and hawk ceramic pads. Been great ever since.

As for premium... technically no, they don't need it. I do put it in there but it's not required.

Man, I guess I was correct. Looks like Ford took both quality and reliability seriously. Anyway, that's the kind of stuff I was looking to hear. I like the car and the body style, and the way the back seat folds down makes it perfect for my needs. It's not too big but at the same time, it isn't a small car either. I have also been a huge fan of rear wheel drive as opposed to front wheel drive. Guess I'm kind of a throwback to times past but I have always been better able to handle a rear wheel drive car when I find myself in a slippery situation.  If all else fails, you can at least power slide the thing around corners with some bit of control if you really goof up. Good luck with that one in a front wheel drive car. Even in my 90 LX-5.0, I change the fluids on a regular basis. On that one, it is by time, not miles. I will change antifreeze, brake fluid and such every 3 years while I change the oil and filter once a year (since it only sees about 500 miles a year). Fluids deteriorate with time as well as use. The biggie on my 90 is the air conditioner. I had the pressure regulator valve fail. Picked one up but still have to change it out. They tell me there is a schrader valve under it so that when I remove it, the system should not evacuate. We shall see. Mine is still using R-12. I have enough R-12 to recharge, but I don't have an oil charge for it. The unit works, though, if you short the wires going to the pressure switch, Pressure goes from around 70 down to around 28 lbs as it should on the low side. Blows really cold air too. Here in Florida, we don't have to deal with snow or ice or the usual rust issues I see farther north so car bodies last forever. I really appreciate all your input and insight with respect to this new generation of Mustangs. Oh, did you see the power figures for that new 2011 V6? Wow, it's over 300 hp and the new 5.0L V8 is up over 400 hp. 


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