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I have an '09 GT, five speed.

A friend told me that I should put in an aftermarket air filter to slightly increase the HP. Is this a good idea? Why wouldn't Ford put in better air filters themselves, since they could market the car as having 305 HP instead of 300HP?

What is the best strategy to accelerate quickly from a stop (e.g., at a stoplight)? Do I shift for each gear only when it is near the redline? I assume that is the case, but it feels like I don't get much acceleration out of first gear. Any other tips or techniques?


a K+N filter is a great mod it will help power. ford is in the market of keeping the stang affordable, every extra drives up cost. Plus i like to mod my cars to my liking :)

as for shifting i normally dont go all the way to redline before shifting unless im really trying to move :P i baby mine to get all the MPG out of it i can. sometimes i shift around 2k rpm normally cruising in 5th ill be going 45mph around 1200rpm

I put a K&N filter in my 03 Mach1 and noticed a very slight difference in horsepower, but not much.  The nice thing about the K&N is that it filters far better than a paper filter. 
As far as when to shift while racing from light to light.  Don't race from light to light.  Take it to the track, and while at the track, shift before redline which is 7K.  You have to be ready to shift out of first gear within a second or two after launch.  Hit 6K in second and shift to 3rd.  If you get to 6K before the 1/4 mile, shift at 4th at 6K. 

Thanks, guys. I don't really "race" at the lights, just sometimes I like to get a jump on the people in the lane next to me.

The street is no place to "show off."  Too many things can happen, and most of them are bad.  If you have seen movies like "Fast and Furious" erase them from your mind.  They are just movies. 


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