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Hi,I am new hear so maybe this is not new to those who have been here a while.
I own a Mustang GT CS 2008,bought new, with 10,000ks.
I would like to know which should I buy a Superchip or the SCT3 or Predator and why?
Thanks in advance

The guys who regularly post on here either have knowledge about the classics or the 5.0.  Even though I own an 03 Mach1, I don't purport to have any knowledge about how to work on the car myself.  You might want to check with "American Muscle" and other companies who make aftermarket parts and add-on's for the 2005 and up Mustangs.  Here is a site to get you started.


Wanye , I am not into the new cars, but my buddies both bought the predator and they love them. The spend a lot of time playing with the tunning features, just because they can. I rode in both of the cars after adjustments and wow I even played with it myself and it was very easy to use and understand. Let me know how you go. STANG OUT

Thanks Russ,I am still confused though because my Mustang parts dealer says sct3.My performance dealer says superchip.My Ford dealer says Predator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????



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