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American comp. like Ford cars etc. that are built in Canada to me are canadian cars.The money stays in North America.Also I work for a steel plant that makes parts for american cars.
I do not consider asian cars,even the ones built in canada,canadian because the profits go to asia.

 Good point  :D

i had a 300zx turbo(z31) it was an auto and it was always problematic it used fluid like crazy(never could find a leak anywhere) i went to take the valve covers off the car after i sold it to a guy look inside the tops of 2-3 bolt heads were snapped off seriously wtf it ran still he was just fixing the oil leak.

I bought a brand new 1998 Toyota Avalon that was built by American labor in Kentucky.  I'm sure who profits here...the U.S. or Japan.  Maybe both. 

An US vehicle sold will profit US employees who built it, the pay they make from it will profit other US workers when they spend it. An Asian vehicle sold will only profit the US workers who assembled it but what about the other big portion of Asian workers who built the parts? Asian car makers will invest your money in Asia to make better vehicles and more Americans will buy them because they will be better than US ones.
 I worked in a Ford plant in France that was built in the early 70's and it will close in a couple of years because a new one is going to be built in Eastern Europe where labour is cheaper. Some day Ford, GM and Chrysler will have to do the same in the US if they want to survive.
Today the 3 big are in danger and soon we will see vehicles made in China being sold here. Imagine what will happen when a Chinese car built by workers paid a bowl of rice a day will come to the US market.
If you are patriotic don't just support your troops, buy American made products and start boycotting imported ones. Your future depends on it!


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