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Wanted to let people know,I decided not to buy the chip this year because of rising gas prices.I know myself and would of tuned the car to performance and had to use higher octane gas,which means more expensive.So maybe next year.

Yeah, I paid $4.13 for premium today for my Mach1.  I know I could possibly use medium grade, but that would only save me 50 cents for a half tank.  Not worth it.  The old 289 burns regular.  That's a relief, but it doesn't get the gas mileage as does the Mach1.

In Canada we pay 6.00$ a gallon,now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that 6 USD?

Our $s are almost at par.One or 2 cents diff.In Canada we have litres for measuring gas sales.So it takes 4 litres to equal an American gallon.At 1.50 a litre times four=6 bucks a gallon.
The thing that bugs me the most is in Canada we have the biggest reserve of oil in the world and we pay the most of any country that has oil.
In Venezuela they pay about 40 cents a gallon!
Anyway Canada and especially the province I live in,Quebec,its about as close to communism as you can get.I mean real communism,not Russian style.Here welfare people,prisonners in jail etc. have more rights than citizens like me who pays taxes on top of taxes and supports all of these losers from politicians to welfare cases.Our gas in Quebec  is taxed at about 42%.
Sorry about the venting, this is what happens when I talk about how much we are getting robbed at the pumps.


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