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trying to sell her

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Okay here is the post I never thought was going to happen........

I have been very limited on my time with my 73 mach one and it is time that I think about her and not myself. I am asking for all that read this to lend me a helping hand on ways to sell her.

 I bought it for 5500 in 05, well my wife did while I was playing in Iraq, and anyone on here knows the the work I have done to her only to get her back to factory settings. I am not sure what to sell her for since I have started stripping the paint off her and the pics that I have make it look like a piece of crap. I think I am about 7000 deep in the car, and I cannot stand to let it set there and collect dust anymore. If you could help then drop me a line.

Russ, try thinking this way.  You say you have about 7K in her.  Well, ask that plus about 10%.  The 10% will start to pay you back for your time.  I would ask $9,000 for it and settle for $8,000.  Put it in Craig's list and on Ebay.  You may not get very many offers, but that Mach is worth at least that much. 


Can you post some more details on it?

Russ may be busy with the army thing, so I will attempt to answer.  His wife gave him the car as a present, and it needed some body work, so he stripped the rear end that needed the work and replaced the parts that needed replacing.  Most of which was smoothing out the rough spots with bondo.  The car has not been painted since.  Therefore the reason why he is concerned. It is not a fresh paint job, so looks like a project in progress. 

You can find more info and a few photos of his Mustang here: 1973 Mach 1


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