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Trying to motor swap a 98 gt need help


I am trying to swap the 4.6l sohc cause it needs head work and I want more power, so I want advice of what I would have to do in order to swap a later model cobra motor in it or maybe even the 5.4l.  I don't know what I will need to make it work and I would like some help.

For the Cobra swap,  it will run off your existing wiring harness (need to lengthen the coolant temp harness and coil pack). It'll run off your stock ECU, but i do suggest getting an SCT tune.

It's an easy swap, provided you get all the accessories with it.

Welcome to the site Nasty.

what is the allowed year I can go up to?

im not sure about a cobra/lightning engine/trans even fitting into a 98 without modifying the motor mounts....but whatever engine you get, make sure you get the main wiring harness, ECU, PCM, Steering column, Key, & Gauge will need all this stuff because of the PATS.

but I would imagine that it would bolt right up cause its a 4.6 as well, but I would have to make sure everything is copastetic if not then I'm without a whip


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