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transmission problems.


I have a 1991 ford mustang 2.3 automatic.  I just replaced the trans a few months ago.  The other day I was driving and 1 threw od went out and now acts like netural.  I still have park and reverse.  Can it be the bands need to be tightened.  I checked the filter and the fluid.  Everything seems to be fine.  No metal on the magnet either.  Any ideas how to tighten the bands if so please give me a call at 847 321 1622.  Thanks kyle.  If i don't answer leave a message and i will call you back.  Than ks

Did you have a shop overhaul/replace the tranny, or did you do the work yourself? If a shop did it, take it back to them for warranty work.  If you did it yourself, you should know what needs to be done. 


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