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To keep or not to keep?

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I recently converted over to the mustang world from growing up in a camaro family. I just traded my Dirt bike for a 79' fox body 5.0 interceptor. It's in good shape for an old car. Body doesn't have much rust except floor boards. Engine is stock, mostly everything on it is stock except the dual exhaust. I don't know much about the yr or mustangs in general. Should I keep it or possibly sell it for a better stang? I really like the fast backs but they are alot more $$. Just wondering what exp. mustang owners oppinions are on this yr and model mustang. thank yoU!

a 1979 mustang is the 1st year of the fpx and is pretty much the basic building of a fast street car.

and if you cant make one go fast for cheap there is something wrong

if you dont like the look of the 79 you can easily upgrade to any look from 79-1993(yes its the same basic body) is this a hatchback or a notchback(regular trunk) for parts and resto supplies along with

my 1991 gt vert

i also see your from new hampshire ever heard of the free state project truely living up to your states motto to leave free or die

I didn't like the look at first but It's growing on me! It's a hatchback.

id do it up like the red one on this page

or like saleen

they call your car a 4 eye because of the headlights, the later cars like mine are referred to as the aero cars

Here are a couple of pics of it.


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