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Hi. I have an '06 GT that I drive everywhere I go. A fair amount of surface streets and a lot of highway driving. I'm planning a drive to California next week and my tires really need replacing. I should mention that I have the 18" wheels. I was looking at Goodyear Eagle F1's. A lot of good reviews and some not so good. Anybody have experience with these or can recommend something else. All my driving is street. I drive aggressively and I need good traction in rain or snow.

My 03 Mach came with GoodYear Eagle ZR45's .   The car has 36,000 miles on it, and those tires will be good for another 20,000 I'm sure.  They are great tires.  The Goodyears I have on my 65 are not good tires for the wet, but the ones on the Mach are very good in the wet.  However, by doing some research, it appears the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3 has the best wet  traction rating of all of the Goodyears. 

Thanks for the input. I saw that they were rated at the top for both wet and dry traction. I also read some customer reviews. Se of them were saying what great tires they are and others were swing that the ride was awful and the noise was unbearable. But a lot of them had rice burners, one had a Chrysler 300 and one had a high hp GM. They're going to be different on different cars. So I figured I would try to get some Mustang input.

Do some checking into B.F. Goodrich tires.  I have always heard good things about them. 

I like Goodyear RS/As.  The Highway Patrol uses them, and I use them.  The aren't cheap, and they don't have a long tread life, but they are soft and sticky when you need them.


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