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Throttle pulsing??


Occasionally on my 04 GT,when I start to accelerate from low rpm in first gear,I experience a significant on/off throttle thing that just won't straighten out until I back off the throttle, or shift in second,etc. Ayone else familiar with this? -Doesn't happen in any other gear.Thanks.

is this a manual tranny car? do you have a broken motor mount>?

Manual. had the same thought,but think it's electronics related.There since the car was new.(and I've had cars with broken mounts and this behaves entirely different.
Unrelated observation(?).When coasting to a stop,exactly at 1000 rpm, it feels like the car loses engine braking.

Alot of the Mustangs I've driven since the mod motor was introduced have had that problem. I've never been able to figure exactly why - but I suspect it has something to do with a lean spot in the MAF Table.


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