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This is such a wonderful story

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BTW, although the thread got very off topic, I liked the story and the restoration a lot. I'd prefer the car were different, like V8, a little lower, different wheels, but that's just me. It was very cool to see how the restoration went with all that detail and pictures, I'd love to do one myself. And to the unsentimental people here, I believe that doing a thing like that for someone that's dying is just a plain good thing to do no matter what your beliefs in life and when you show someone that you care about them that much it can give them the spirit to go on with life and recover. I believe a lot of healing comes from your head and your mentality and getting his dad excited about this was probably very healthy for him.

Yes, his Dad was very excited and I (as you) think this helps his Dad feel and do hopefuly do better. His Dad was so excited to buy new parts for the car and when his son put the old radiator in without at least painting it I thought "What". But after some comments from the board he did take it back out and painted it then it had leaks and he was going to try and patch it but later his Dad went and bought a three roll and had his son install it. This was just a nice story about a Father and his Sons who love him very much. I also got some good information from the story and all the pictures. Very helpful as I am restoring my 65. Yes, too bad it was not a V-8 but it was the car his Dad bought and wanted to restore but the Dad found out he did not have long to live. I think the Sons did a great job.  Update-

I'm sure if his dad makes it ok, they may do things with that car such as throw a V8 in it anyway.

If I had a 6 banger and wanted to change over to a 289 I would buy or bid on a cheap V8 Mustang and I have seen them go for 2K and under  and I would have the parts I would need to change the car so it could handel the V8. Like you, I would not care for a 6 cyl. It may save you a little on gas but I just like V8's. But right now I am glad my wife got the Prius. (around 48mpg and at times higher). Loveing it more and more.  ;)

I don't believe 289s were all that bad on gas anyway.


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