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This is such a wonderful story

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I hope this works. This is a story about the love of two sons for a father who found out he has cancer. Such a beautiful story.

Wow, what can I say? Yes, to be honest, I already knew everyone dies and they are born first. Just do not know what to say about your comment??? But you do have the right to say it. 

Not only is this a good story but there is also a lot of good help on there for fixing up your Mustang. A lot of good pictures also. You do not have to read it Rat Fink. Just thought some of the guys would be interested. Sorry if you think this is of bad taste for a post.

Rat Fink your cynicism once again astonishes me.  If you don't like the story that's fine but the thread does have good pictures and explanations of rebuilding a mustang.  I find your bluntness refreshing sometimes but you need to learn that there is a line and you do not need to cross it every single post you make.

Rat Fink of course you are entitled to your opinion but your posts seem designed to get a reaction out of people. I could be wrong but your posts seem like you are going out of your way to say abrasive things. I'm not sure if this is to piss people off or if you are acting tough and trying to who how much you don't care about sentimental things.  You say 65springtime didn't have to respond to you and then you wouldn't respond to him, but really he was the original poster and it was you responding to him.
We all know everyone dies but that doesn't mean we have to be nonchalant about it and not care. Dying for most people is not a happy proposition so if you care about someone why not do something nice for them.
When your dad was dying of cancer did you just shrug your shoulders, and go oh well everyone dies, guess its about time he kicked the bucket, let me know when he's dead.
That said, you are entitled to your opinion, I'm not going to say it's right or wrong but to rub something like that in people's faces and appear to go out of your way to say it, is not necessary.


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