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Thinking about buying, can you give advice?

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It is a 96 Mustang GT with 97000 miles.  It rns and drives decent.  It was broken into and the sunroof was broken, along with the drivers side door lock.  It's the coupe and I'm a little nervous.  There only asking $3000.00 Can anyone give me advice? ???

Welcome to the site ChadT. The price seems very interesting and if you only need to replace a sunfoor and a door lock, it looks like a perfect deal. Depending of damage in the surrounding metal if any, it can cost a lot to fix and without seeing the car or at least photos it's hard to say if you should buy it or not :)

Thanks for the reply. Pretty great website. Quick replies with decent people.  New to the mustang and appreciate your info.

 If you do buy it, let us know.

You may want to get the VIN number and have the DMV or your PD run the car to see if it is fact stolen.  That price is a bit low for that year and such low miles.


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