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“The Mustang Dynasty” (Book Review)
« on: December 01, 2010, 09:43:15 PM »

December 1, 2010

I’ve had this book on the shelf for a couple of years now.  It is a  great reference to have.

The book is by John M. Clor and it features Mustang Memorabilia, a lot of cool stuff.

First thing inside the front cover is a CD entitled “Sounds of Mustang”.  Yup you guessed it engine sounds.  It includes:

- Launch and drive by of a 1967 Shelby GT 50o w/428 big-block

- Burn out of a 1973 Grande

- 1983 Mustang GT 5.0

- 1988 Mustang LX and spinning tires

and a bunch more.

The other items are:

-  brochure for 1962 prototype

- 1965 Registered Owners manual and a Ford Mustang Registered owner id card

- 1967 Ford Exterior color selections card

- 1967 Fourth Annual Glen National 500 pit pass

- 1970 Mustang Rallye (yes it’s spelled that way on the sticker) Day USA sticker for April 1970

- 1971 Mustang sale brochure

-  really cool Fold Up Model card (you can cut it out and fold it for a 3d model) of a 1974 Mustang (we use to have one of these cars)

- invitation to the Mustang 20th Anniversary from 1984

- flier from Ford’s Party Plenty..Mustang’s Twenty party, held at the Westin Hotel at the Renaissance Center in Detroit

- 1979 Mustang Official Indy Pace Car bumper sticker

- 1990 press release for the 25th Anniversary special edition Mustang from Public Affairs, Ford Division

- Tickets from the 1994 and 1999 Mustang Club of America’s Anniversary celebrations

- a 2007 Shelby Cobra sticker, and 2003 Mustang 1 sticker

These are all reproductions contained in pockets on the pages so they can be removed, the stickers are actually usable.

The book contains a lot of pictures and facts.

This book is a MUST have if you are a Mustang nut, but the are tough to find at times. (ISBN – 9781932855807)

Speaking of facts there’s an Auto factoid coming.


Thanks for reading.



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Re: “The Mustang Dynasty” (Book Review)
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2010, 03:26:00 AM »
Look for it in the FAQ soon.  Thanks Tim



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