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The First Mustang Sold To The General Public?

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This looks like the genuine thing -
I got the info from a friend now living in Long Island who has a 64 Mustang convertible real close to this except his interior is red. I spent about six months finishing off the restoration when he lived out here in California. His wife is not allowed to drive the car.
Top site -

That doesn't match the Stanley Tucker owner story, and the tops are different colors.  I wonder which one is the true story about #1?

 Like the seller says in the ad, the first Mustang produced (sold to Stanley Tucker) is now at that Henry Ford Museum with the serial number 100001.
 Now, who cares which one was the first sold to the general public? I don't see any proof of that in the ad and if the retail delivery is one day before the official first day of sale, it doesn't mean other Mustangs weren't sold before that date. I don't think they will get the asking price of $5,500,000 even if it's the first Mustang sold :D

The VIN is listed in the Mustang Production Guide and the claim is that the car is the first 'non-internal DSO' vehicle sold, which it may very well be, and that makes it the 'first ordered (or sent to) by a dealer and sold to the general public'.

 I still don't think it's a reason to ask a price like that. Giving extra value to the first Mustang produced OK, not the first one sold. Why not giving extra value to the first Mustang stolen or the first one back to a dealership for manufacturing defect   :D


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