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I want to know what anyone and everyone thinks the best year of mustang is and I don't meant you think is cool but is all around the best built for handling and style and speed. I like the 88 Gt it looks light and with the short shift and the 5.0 really gets it down the road with the quickness.STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
Well I would have to say the 06 just do to the fact it has the best of every thing in it.

But then I think the old shelbys would be awsome because of the way Mr Shelby set them up to be the best thing on the road. or a 69 mach 1.  Oh wait thats a favorit.   :-D

As I look more and more as the stangs I find myself falling in love with the 65-67 fastbacks. I don't know why but I like the back end of her, and would like to know how hard it wold be to get ahold of one. STANG OUT and yes 69 are very nice.

I think the best mustang is the one you call your own.or MINE he he

Very good point race, I love my 73 because it is the best mustang EVER MADE, lol but I am thinking about getting another one and cannot6 decide to go older or newer and it is killing me, I think I might end up going with like a 88 GT that I can just drive on a daily basis and not have to worry about the rust or back window and little things like that. I don't like to drive my 73 alot but I love to set there and look at it and the doctor said I have to keep comming for visit but I think I am okay, lol. STANG OUT


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