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Jerry Baker:
I know what you mean bro.   I want a 06gt but thats not going to happen right now.   You come to Campbellsville on the 3rd and I will show you what I had to do to my window.

Oh a candyapple red 1969 Mach 1 would be the greatest car ever made LOL :-D

what happened to your window man or are you talking aout the Mustang Mafia letters on the front. I have got old english letters with the color match for my car it was hard to find and it takes up my whole back window. I would like to come down so let me know and I will make sure my JOES don't have to work and it will be on. STANG OUT

I think Rentascout is talking about the window he broke while he installed it. This is something I would never touch. I bought one one day with the intention to have it installed by a professional but on the way home from the junkyard (2 miles away) a big crack appeared while it was sitting on the back seat.

It's hard to tell what Mustang would be the best without having driven them all but if you don't include the Shelbys, Saleens or modified limited edition Mustangs, I would say the 2005/2006 GT's are the best of all.
Some like the 69/70 Boss 429 had more power and sex appeal but the handling and top speed of the newer ones can't be beat.
I guess like Racedraper says the best one is the one you own or dream to own.
My dream car would be a 1969/1970 Fastback with modern technology chassis and drive train but that's just a dream for now.

Jerry Baker:
No I was talking about the back window lecking.

yeah I still cannot believe that I took all that time to scrap all tha gunk off and clean it up primer it nad the dam back window is still leaking,WTF. Oh well I hope I will find away to stop it but you never know. I would like to get a newer mustang but I think they are over priced and cheaply built compared to the ones of the 60 70 and some 80 models. I will own a 67 fastback, I finaly got my wife to look at the other side of things and she use to love Chevy but know I got her wanting a 67 so I know it will be easiser to get it when I find it. STANG OUT


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