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the best mustang

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i would have to vote for a 70 mach 1

I am still sticking with that 73 MAch one but that is just me. STANG OUT

easy question,the best all around mustang simply is the 1984-1986 mustang svo with the turbo and intercooled 4, 4wheel disc brakes etc. it was very quick. got 35mpg and would go approx 140mph from the factory. ive owned one it was quicker than a stock 99-04 gt with a up in the boost. i plan on purchasing another soon as i heal from my motorcycle accident

That's not even a fair question.  For style, the first generation has it by a mile.  For go fast, the SN95 has it.  I love driving my 65 for the fun of driving and getting compliments, but for shear joy of driving a go fast car, my 03 Mach1 wins.  She will sit you back in your seat.   I haven't driven an SVO, but I can't imagine it would beat my 03 Mach1. ;D


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