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Stripped Steering wheel/Column??


The hulk is this sweet 90' pearl/metal flake green 5.0 fox
the thing is this beast is mostly rebuilt and now the steering seems to be failing
when running the issue isnt soo apparent but not running the steering wheel slips
that is
if you try to turn the wheel with the car off the wheel moves and the tires dont turn
im pretty sure its the point wher the steering wheel is mounted to the column
with the car running it only slips when u hit the locks and the steering wheel will keep turning past the lock
does anyone know if i can just get a gt grant steering wheel and mounting kit? will the new wheels mounting system erradicate the problem??
i dont know how these aftermarket s/wheels mount

The Grant wheel uses the same splines for mounting as the original, in fact the unsplinned end above the splines must be cut off.  Are you sure the wheel is slipping on the splines?  I would look to see if the splines in the steering wheel are slipping on the wheel. 

Yeah, take the steering wheel off and see if the splines are boogered on the wheel or on the shaft or both.  At any rate, that car is dangerous to drive as it is.  If it is the shaft, take it off at the rag joint and get another one.  If it's the steering wheel, but a new one. 

turns out its the shaft going into the steering box i believe
or maybe its the actuall rack and pinion set?

No, you don't have to replace the rack and pinion, just the shaft.  Like I said, take the rag joint loose and replace the shaft.  You are lucky to have a rag joint.  My 65 doesn't. 


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