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Does anyone know if  there are Mustangs with the steering wheel at the right side of the car? For example for the Englisch market.

If there are, is there a notification in the VIN number or in the door tag?


Jerry Baker:
Im sure they are right side mustangs but I have never seen any and have never seen anyone mention the vin.  But I think the vin would have a number Im sure that would show england or some were else.

the vin would show the area it was built and the area it was shipped if you checked deep but you would not find out if it was made ont he right or not bro sorry I couldn't help more. STANG OUT

Terry Sullivan:
           In the U.K. in the 60's, there was a company called RUDDSPEED who specialised in converting Alfa Romeos to right hand drive. When the Mustang began being imported into the U.K. they offered such a conversion by using a Ford Zephyr steering column/box and hydraulic clutch operation. Total cost 250.00 pounds sterling!! I don't think that too many were converted and, as a long time Mustang enthusiast, I have never seen even one. Ford didn't offer right hand drive as an option, which I believe is still the case today on new Mustangs. Any converted car would have retained it's original VIN number.

Terry Sullivan,
United Kingdom.

It also seems that Ford Australia sold 200-250 RHD converted Mustangs in Australia in 1965 and 1966 only and there is the mystery of a right hand drive 1971 Boss 351 Mustang.
You may also want to check that very interesting website to know more about rare Mustangs or Shelbys like the 1971/1972 Shelby Europa GT350 and GT500.


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