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start after stall


Hey-New to this forum and a new owner of a 2008 GT with 5 speed standard.  As I am getting used to driving a standard after a 25+ year absence, I have unforunately stalled out a few times!  When this has occurred, I have not been able to restart the car unless I pull the key and reinsert it.  I assume there is some sort of electrical control system that prevents simply putting it in nuetral and restating.  Am I missing something that would be quicker?

All I can say is that it doesn't work that way on my 03 Mach 1.  Read your owner's manual to see if it clarifies the problem.  Go to a high school parking lot and practice taking off several times.  That's how I taught my nephew with his 02 GT with a five speed.  It's like riding a bicycle.  You will be back at it in no time. 


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