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Sport bucket and headrest upgrade


Anybody converted the standard '65 seat buns to the "sport seat" buns with the after market headrests?

We are looking for greater safety and the full safety replacement seats do not come in a color that matches our interior. Rather than reupholstering brand new seats, we are thinking of going with the "sport seat" kit.

If you made this switch, how do you like the fit? Do the short seat backs allow the headrests to be adjusted high enough to provide protection? My husband is 6'2" and we wonder if the top of the headrest is going to be high enough for him. Any tall guys (or gals) out there done this conversion?

Thanks for your help!

go to JC whitney. They are having a sale on APC racing style seats, They are high back, with side boysters that will fit the contrours of your body. They are regulary 179 a seat and they are on sale for 99 each,plus if you spend $100 or more you get 10% off an if you spend 200 or moe its 15% off.
To make them fit your car make sure you use the tracks from your stock seat (should be 4 bolts that hold it on)and they just bolt on to your new ones if you choose to. I have a set on the way for my 73.

They have 4 differnt colors to choose from.

hey bro racedraper is the spokesman for JC whitney I think, lol. Nah you can always get on or and they should also have what you are looking for but race is a very knowledgable about that so try it. STANG OUT

"not only am I the President Im also a client" :-D
some reason I am getting catalogs in the mail with sales


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