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Speed Traps


It's always good to know where the speed traps are.

And check back every month or so cause they "move".

We have a highway patrolman who sits in and around a small town here in central Texas 24-7, and he has been there for about 4 years now.  There is a sign on the outside of town that someone spraypainted "speed trap" on the city sign.  I put my cruise control on the exact speed limit every time I go through there, and he is always there with his radar on.  Assholes......

thats a very cool site, but the past few months i have slowed my drivin conserably and now i am one of those poeple who do the speed limits :(

On the two laners I also drive at or below the speed limit, but on the freeway if you drive 70 you'll get run over.  So, I drive 78. 


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