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something funny happend today


well today I was tearing down the 429 when I showed a neighbor kid how a motor works on the inside. si I took off the valve covers,intake manifold and to spark plugs so he could see the push rods ans cam ans valve work. so Anyway I started to hand crank it over when all the sudden oils sqiurted out of the plug hole and shot across the garage and landed on the dryer bearky missing the pile of cloths.

So I guess I will be getting new piston and rings. MAN.  those pistons are huge and the vavles holy cow! at least 3 fingers wide
Well I will be saving up for more goodied for it. I plan on getting new Alum heads ,manifold but I am thinking about duel carb set up. Anyway I talked to the guys at edelbrock and the told me if I use thier heads ,cam manifold,and carb package I would be pushind 510 hp and around 600 lbs of torqs. man Im getting a exited just thinking about it.

yeah man keep me updated and watch out you don't want to make the wifey mad lol, you will be spending your head money on cholthes, lol. GOOD LUCK. STANG OUT


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