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Some suggestions please


A friend of mine has a 1997 GT. He was telling me recently he was thinking of getting Lincoln instead because they have more horsepower. He says it would be too costly to upgrade his 4.6 to make more power. I think that's lame. I bet he'll even find that the lincoln is no faster because it probably weighs more. Anyway, I wanted to give him some ideas that aren't too expensive but are really effective for gaining power. I was thinking PI heads and different rear end gears. What else can I suggest to him?

well whats he wanting a lincoln mark 8?? it has the 4.6 32v cobra motor basically

I guess so, can't remember which lincoln he said because it was a few weeks ago.

Those cars are all over the place down here! Every where you turn there is one with 22 in or bigger rims on it. Cause they have to be "pimped" out. Dont let him do it. please. Get a tune on the stang. See if that helps any. Take out the back seats loose a good 15 pounds (it helps a bit)


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