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Some sad news.

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Oh no, what happened? I am so sorry. Tried to bring up the funeral addressed you posted but got nothing. He never said a thing about being sick at all. This is really a shock. Glen use to kid with me and said I must be his long lost twin because we both own a 1965 Springtime Mustang Coupe, we are both 67, and both born in October. I have not been on here long but the times I talked to Glen he seemed like such a great guy and so helpful. He will be greatly missed on here. Again, so sorry for your loss.  John

Really hard to believe. Hate to see you sell his Mustang. He loved it so. So sorry for your loss. My condolences to his family.  He never said a word about being ill. He seemed like a great guy for the short time I talked to him and he was such a help on here. Again, I am so sorry. John

I am very sorry for your loss Ada. Glen was a great man and we will all miss him here.
My sincere condolences to you and your family.

I merged your topic with the one created by Jim.


The funeral address doesn't seem valid, I guess the correct one would be this one?

 :( My sincere condolences for family . Fred


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