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Some sad news.

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So sorry to read this unfortunate news. Soaring invited me to this board a few years ago from the F-150 online board and he was a very nice guy..
Last conversation I had with him on this board was he mentioned he wanted his son to inherit his car hope that is a consideration but i know financial considerations come into play at this time. Reality's of life. Sad.

I didnt get to know glen quite as well I would have liked to. To his family and friends, more hang in there wishes.  I got a mustang not knowing even the first step really of what it would take. Glen pointed me in the right direction and was always eager to help. Finding that in people is exceedingly rare and I think the world lost a great man. My condolences all.

I am sorry to hear about this. Take it easy up there .

Very sorry to hear this.  I post over in Mustang Forums which Glenn left a while ago.  When searching for what spark plugs would be best to install on my car and found this thread.  There aren't many people online who you remember, but I will remember him.  He will be missed.

condolences to the family.

the forum will miss him big time! :(


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