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Some sad news.

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Joe AZ 2 PA:
My sincere condolences to Glen's family.

I'm a newbee here and I always looked forward to Glen's insite on Mustangs. We just got into a discussion a week or so back about age and who was the oldest member of the group. I think there were three of us at 67. Like the others I never thought he was ailing to that extent.

I will miss him greatly. . . .  :(

Deepest condolences.  Never met but I considered you a a friend.

You'll be missed.
Hope you save me a parking spot for when we meet up again.

I am so sorry to hear that Glen has passed away.  I have only been a  member of this forum for a week and had to wonder who this energetic poster was.   I was familiar with Glen from another forum around 2003.  I had no idea that he was Soaring and lived about 20 miles from me.

RIP Glen Wren


My sincere condolences to Glens family.
Was a real shock to find this out when i logged on.
Soaring aka Glen, gave me alot of constructive info for my Mustang...For that i will always be grateful. I and i'm sure everyone else will miss Glens input.

RIP Glen.


Kameran aka muncher NZ

I will always think about Glen when I will go by the "Cit de Carcassonne", a place he told  loved, and as we often go by this place...


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