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Signing in still not working for me.???

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Am I the only one who still has to Login evertime I want to get on here? Is it broken?  ???

The are two ways to maintain your log-on status: one is via cookies that your computer may either delete when you log off the net or delete them when you shut off your computer at the end of the day (and there may be others); the second is a "switch" in your browser that keeps you logged on semi-permanently to a lot of web sites (Amazon, e-bay, etc). I use (and prefer) the second method combined with the first. I delete all my cookies daily and have the capability of logging on by clicking the user ID block and my ID and password appears - click.

I just did not understand. I am on other forums and never have a problem. I have been on the classic truck forum for over eight years and no problems. I did not have to sign in this time and will see if this keeps up and if not will start deleting my cookies I guess. Thanks

Quit your bitchin'.  ;D


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Glen, you sound like my wife.   ::)


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