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Should I or not


Hey guys this is the question of the week. I had a guy that wants to buy my 73 for 9500 should I or shouldn't I. I paid 5400 total.STANG OUT

Jerry Baker:
well you make 4100 on the deal but here is the questions to ask yourself.

1. Is the 73 your favorit year?

2. for 9500 what other mustang can I buy ( if you sell one buy 1 back)

3. will the wife kill you since she got it while you were gone?

its really up to you.  If I could get enough to by one better then mine back I might would.

Yeah I know I don't want to the only reason I could see is for the fact that I cannot bring it up wiht me as soon as I get moved because I am taking the rest of my household goods up there first, but I would love to get a 69 or 70 of course, and yes I think the wife is saying well if that is what you want to do but when it comes down to it and I sell it I will never hear the end of it. STANG OUT Oh I have to shut off my internet so I woun't be on for about a week take care guys and good luck that means someone else has to come up with dumb topics,lol.


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