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I have a throbbing desire for a classic mustang.  A 1967 or 1968 Fastback to be more specific.  I'm just not sure on how to effectively look for one.  I want to find a project somewhere I can fix up rather than just buying one restored (no pride in that).  I want one in need of restoration, but not to the point that everything is rusting out and there is hardly any car left.  Here is something that meets a condition criteria : I could take a little more beat up to make the restoration more interesting.  My main question was is there any sites or directories in specific that sell old Mustangs and muscles in need of some TLC?  I have tried eBay Motors, but wasn't thrilled with how much competition from buyers there is.  I checked the FAQ, but nothing useful came up for me.


I see you have already found Craigslist.  Most of the Mustang enthusiast sites have a for sale section.  I found mine in a local newspaper.  There are lots of car trader mags.  Look in any grocery store or outside convenience stores.  Advertise in the local paper for car wanted.  Keep your eyes peeled as you drive around neighborhoods.  Look on used car lots. 

that car doesnt look to bad, swing by a take a look if you like it make sure to loof for rust and signs of previous wrecks. its a lot cheaper to build a motor than do a ton of sheetmetal work. a stud finder works for checking for signs of body filler also a screw driver for checking for rotting floor pans, frame rails pour water down the grated area in front of the windshield see if it leaks inside the car. i believe there is some info in the faq's for what to look for more in depth if not come back and ask away we will get to it asap here ;)

Sweet, thanks.  If I had an extra $2k laying around, I would definitely go check that out.  But, unfortunately I don't.  I'm trying to develop good habits for finding these old cars that aren't just a rust bucket.  The good news is is that I have a few ideas laid out to make the money I need.  A few lemonade stands in high-traffic areas here in town with 10 year old kids working for $5 an hour.  (Just kidding).  But thanks for the help, I will definitely keep these tips in mind.

You are going to need more capital than a few thousand dollars to get a classic Mustang worth getting.  I bought mine for 5k 12 Years ago, and have put about 7K into it since.  And, it's just a plain Jane coupe.  Fastbacks and convertibles fetch premium prices these days. They are an expensive hobby, so consider the investment before you take the leap. 


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