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--- Quote from: 66GTKFB on April 12, 2008, 10:04:31 PM ---What's - 'snow'?
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+1 :P

I'm definitely in snow country, Willamette Valley in Oregon.  So, now seeing that every tard and his mother want a 1967 Fastback to make an "Eleanor" car, I will be perfectly content with a '68 or '66 and even a coupe.  I personally don't see the point in making a car everyone else has.  I don't think it will be easy to spend more than $8,000 on the car itself, seeing that I'm 16 and no real job is available.  So my only option really is internet marketing.  And again, thanks for all the tips guys.  Probably will save me headaches in the future.

You sound like a very wise teenager to research before you get your heart ahead of your head.  My first car back in 1961 was a 1951 Chevrolet that I paid $275.00 for.  During the winter I worked as a soda jerk in the local drug store, and made .50 cents an hour.  Well, I saved every penny I made and finally came up with the $275.00 to pay for my first car.  Back then, a 10 year old car was a worn out car.  It burned oil and everything, but I loved it because it was mine, and I paid for it.  There is nothing like the love of ownership when you pay for it yourself as a teen.  You can always buy your dream Mustang later in your life when you have your university degree and your decent income.  Be patient........


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