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shelby............charger?? Oh, i forgot this is a ford site!!LOL

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I just have to laugh at myself. All the talk about the shelby tang, and i cant reply cause i dont kno squat!!!!! Im a new generation mustang gt owner, not to mention a chick.  But, i can say i owned a 82 shelby charger turbo, and I wish i still had it. Oh well, i just figured i would stick a few cents in, because im a newbie to the tang, and cant get too technical in these forums. But at least I can say i owned a Shelby!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

   the pic is a 83..........but my 82 was pretty much the same..color too!!

           ps....i loved the honey comb rims....I still have em!                Arestmered

What???? A DODGE CHARGER in a Mustang site?????
Just kidding  lol
Carol Shelby contributed in a big part to the legend of the Mustang and even if the Shelby Charger is not one of his greatest creation, it's always good to know more about his history. Thank you Arestmered for your picture  :-)

theres a mustang in the back ground ,you did all
I used to have one of those chargers. It was a pain in the butt cause of all the vacuum lines on it.

Thanks for the reply!!! I like to get involved in these discussions..................but you kno, all i kno is how much i love the GT.  I figured dodge shelby would catch attention on this site.

just post away girl , there is never a dumb question here.your dumb if you dont , just ask.


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