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shaker 1000 system WOW!!!!


WOW.. i just was in the garage looking over things in my new toy and was playing with the radio and on came Stevie Ray Vaughn with Texas Flood. The 1000 watt system handled it rather well !!!!!! I can see i'm going to have a REAL good time in this car as soon as this &$*$*$$ winter ends!!!! ;D

Sounds like you are excited.  I have the 7 speaker "Mach1" system in my 03 Mach, and it is perfect for this old man.  I can turn the volume down to a sensible decibel and still have a clear sound coming to my ears.   I don't know who makes the sound systems for Ford, but they rock. 

Yeh, i'll say they rock!! I wondered the same thing! Certainly ford doesn't make em. It is amazingly clear too.  ;D

I would agree.  The Shaker 1000 is one of, if not the best, original equipment audio systems I have ever heard.


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