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Firstly great forum,
My question is that on my Marti it states my fastback was,

Order Type  RETAIL
Dealer        GAUDIN MOTOR CO
                 1120 LAS VEGAS BLVD
                LAS VEGAS NV 89101

Would that indicate a dealer or customer order, and is that dealer still operating ?? Did they have demonstrators back in 1966 ??
Car is a 67 GTA S-Code fastback with build date 09/23/66, coudnt find a build sheet, thought maybe taped in the wiring behind the dash but no luck, lastly would that dealer have promo pictures of that years new models??

cheers from downunder Ralph !!

Gaudin is still in business.  Why not ask them these questions?

Thanks Soarin, googled Gaudins and shot them an E-mail, will wait and see if i get a response, cheers Ralph


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