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Searching for a nice mustang to ship to UK


I'm not sure of best year to go for. I thought 1966? Definitely a V8, manual box. What should I look for? Importing costs will be around 5000 including taxes, so it needs to be good enough to justify that. Any tips would be very welcome.

Look on E-bay. If I were paying 5 grand for shipping I would want to bring over the one that would return the investment of shipping it over the most. That would mean the one that sells well in the UK or even on the European continent. 69-70's are very popular here.. I dont know what they go for there. Look on e-bay.. (be careful..)

I'd look at some of the Mecum Auction cars.  You can see them online and register to bid online as well.  I have not seen any trash cross the stage, so it appears that they have a fairly high standard for the cars.  There have also been a lot of good deals for people interested in high end collector cars due to the poor economy.

If shipping is $5,000.00 I'd be looking to spend $35,000 or more on a car to justify that expense

All good advice chaps, thanks. I had a look at the mecum auction site, I could target a decent one and then come over for the event itself. I agree it's worth spending on a good quality car to justify the shipping and taxes but I want one to use daily so I'm more interested in good mechanical condition than pristine bodywork. 69-70 would probably be the period when all the teething problems were sorted out I guess?
How could I get a check done remotely so I could make sure I wasnt lining up an old dog? I only want to travel over once if I can so having a nice-sounding car given a once-over on my behalf would be useful.


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