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Watch out for low prices on ebay for cheap muscle cars.Most of the scams ask you to contact the seller by email.Don't as they try to steal your identity by you contacting them.I emailed a seller and ebay sent me confromation that the item was a scam.Also i saw a 70 mustang 429 boss which said buy now for only 6700 and i told my brother in law and he contacted the seller and he said  he was  in budapest hungry and the car was illegal there and he only wanted the 6700 the price to ship the car.This car was best looking boss i ever seen period.Most of the scamers say the items are here in the u.s but are not.

Yes this is a big problem now with the internet. Sellers are also in danger when people contact them asking to send extra money (sometimes more than double the asking price) that would include eventual fees for shipping and asking you to return the diference.
Here is an article to read:
Nigeria Scam
Thanks Mustanger for bringing up this subject.


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