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Rough idle with engine surge and running rich


Hey can anyone help me with my problem I have a 1988 Mustang GT I recently pulled the engine out and replaced it with one from a 1991 GT which had a MAF and the engine harness in the car didn't have wiring for it so I didn't put it in I just set it up as the other one was. The previous owner was planning on converting to a drag car and said that he had put a new computer in it I haven't checked it yet to see if it is correct. So my question is would me not putting the mass air flow on cause it to do this or could it be my computer or possibly something else?

Does the new motor have a MAP sensor?  Try using the computer that goes with that motor cause your computer may not be programed to run a different motor setup.

Hey I pulled the computer out of the car today and it is a DZ1 model and I believe that it is for an 89 with a MAF so I'm currently looking for a DA1 which is the one for model years 87-88 without a MAF. So thanks for the help!


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