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Roll bars for the Shelby GT Convertibles


We have a 65 convertible coming in to do some serious upgrading.  We are going to put a roll bar in it.  But, I thought the Shelbys had a roll bar in the convertibles that made out of an elpiticle material.  Something like Aero tubing.  Is that correct? And, if so does any one make a replica version?  We can do a custom bar of any shape or size but thought it would be neat in this car to go a little retro look on the bar.

I don't think it is possible to find this kind of roll bars for a 65 convertible as there was no Shelby convertible produced before 1967.
Cobranda is selling Shelby reproduction ones for 1967 Mustang convertibles. They are not cheap but maybe you can use them as a reference for your '65 and maybe there is a market open for you for this kind of roll bars  :lol:

Thanks for the lead.  I have sent them an Email to ask about the 67 bar in a 65 car.  I think it would look really neat in this car.  If anyone is interested I will try to post some pictures as we go.  Waring though - this is not a car for the purist.  Body will remain stock but suspension will be totally different.  Thanks again.

sounds like my car .post pics lets see your progress. I love when people update their rides to modern stuff. love the roll bar idea. what about using a a oval styles bars insread of round stock. Maybe you could retro fit 69 style bars.


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