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My 66 coupe currently has baby moon rims (smoothies) on it, I am looking at changing these out for a better look. Any suggestions on what could go on it without degrading the era??? I am leaning toward a mag or more sporty look...

Post a pic of your car.  Some cars look better with one wheel choice than others depending on color, etc.   If nothing else, you can't go wrong with American Racing Torque Thrusts.

My first choice would be Magnum 500's or maybe even torque thrusts, but its ultimately up to you.

On my original 66 Mustang Fastback, I had a set of ET mags, kept them when I got my 69 Sportsroof, sold them to a guy who put them on a dual axle trailer. That style mag or American mags, is about the best aftermarket type "period" wheels. On my current three Mustangs, I have the Ford Style Steel Wheels (two cars have the originals) and they to can be considered "period".

I have been running with the original wheels and caps for a few months now. but ran with my Mag 500's for a few years too.


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