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Rim Suggestions wanted

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I appreciate the advice. I think I am going to go with the Mag 500's. I like the look. Most that I have found online state 1970 and later, will these fit my 66? Also what size rim would you all suggest?


Mag 500s actually started availability on Mustangs with the '66 Shelbys.  14x7s or 15x7s depending on which size dia. rim you prefer are good rims size choices.  I believe '66 thru '68s were 14s from the factory and 15s didn't appear until '69 or '70.
The tire will have more physical appearance on 14s where the 15s the tire will be a somewhat thinner profile.  I went with 15x7s on both of my 65s.

Thanks for the advice.

I have been trying to post a picture here. Hopefully this one is correct. I am having an alarm installed at the time of the photo. Hope this helps with the wheel advice.


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