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Reliability in a new mustang?

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Hello, im planning on buying a new GT from and was wondering how easy it is to work on these vehicles? I come from the backgrounds of 300ZXs and Supras where removing half the engine to get into everything was a normal thing. Im hoping to get away from all that. Also, how well do dealerships react to mods when it comes to the warranty?

Thank you!

The dealerships frown on you adding any mods.  They can cancel the warranty immediately and legally.  Now, because my Mach would not not shift smoothly from 2nd to 3rd with the 3650 Tremec tranny, they allowed me to add a short throw shifter and still keep the warrnaty.  But that was all I could do, and their mechanic had to do it.  I have been working on cars since I was a young teenager, and will not work on my 03 Mach1.  It is a computerized car, and the computer testers for these cars cost literally thousands of dollars.  I change my own oil and that is it.  But, nobody has touched my 65 but me. 

Just look under the hood. The 05-09s have a pretty straightforward setup. The engine bay looks neat and uncluttered. Injectors, spark plugs are right on top and easy to get to. There is some room around the engine, and as for computers, well it's sitting right out in the open in the engine compartment. I haven't done any work on mine, but by all appearances it seems simple enough. Not compared to a 65 mustang like soaring's but compared to 300ZXs and supras and the previous generation of mustangs.

If you are planning to modify, why worry about warranty? Just save 10 grand and buy a used one.

They don't have any GTs in stock. You can get a brand new 2009 GT for $23,000 if Ohio is in the Great Lakes region. I paid $24,000 for mine. Tax and title extra of course.

 Ford Racing parts installed by the dealer get a full factory warranty. For another $10,000 you can get a supercharger and total suspension/shift upgrade. $33,000 will get you a near world class sports car. Car and driver tested on and liked it better then a GT 500.

Thanks for all the answers. I don't let anyone touch my car. I know how mechanics think and it does not meet my satisfaction standards.
The only reason i want a warranty is for the unrelated stuff that might break such as the electrical. There is anyway to buy a new car without a warranty to save some cash?


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