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Okay guys I am thinking and I know that is bad for this army guy but here goes.  I and thinking about rebuilding my FACTORY 351 C 2V , but I don't want to lose value and need some others thoughts on it. I am not going to ever race this car and it is sooooo close to factory I mean I am the second owner, and I don't know

 The choice is up to you. If your car is all original and the engine modified you might loose value but if it's well done and invisible from the outside it could be the opposite. You can also use bolt on parts that will increase the power but will be easy to put back to stock if needed or find a cheap 5.0L in a junk yard, rebuild it with performance parts and keep the stock engine in a dry place.

well I was really worried about rebuilding it. I plan on hooking up the inside because that is easy to hide and help. I have the factory ok stamp on the valve cover and I want to redo the engine but not lose the value. I don't know if I am making sense or not. It has a few leaks but it is factory and I hate to show it with the leaks but don't wnat to lose the value.

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I know what you mean now. Can't you fix the leaks without damaging the paint on the valve covers? Is the oil coming from them?

If you plan to keep it concours, just rebuild the engine with NOS parts.  That OK stamp isn't worth much.  The VIN and the shop's bill for rebuilding it will be the most important things to prove it is concours. 


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