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If you watch auctions and classic car TV shows, they'll tell you to rebuild it.  Just rebuild it to factory spec and you won't lose value.  Not trying to sound rude, but you'll lose money if you have a car that has a bad motor in it quicker than if you rebuild it to preserve the integrity of the car.  Also, if you want to keep your "OK" stamp intacted, when you remove the valve covers clean them with a mild soap and wash cloth, nothing harsh. 

Take pictures of the stamp, measure it, get a color match and have a reproduction made. Then do any and all restorations you feel are necessary. If you think that is a lot of work, then -

Yeah, that OK sign on the valve cover is not really all that important.  Even in a concours judging situation at a classic Mustang show, there is nothing in the concours judging rules that mentions that the OK sign has to be there, and zero deductions will take place if it isn't.  For your own gratification, Jim has given you a way to put it back on a refreshed valve cover, but you would be foolish to spend the time and money on something that will gain you nothing.   

I have been to a lot of car shows but never for just mustangs, or with my mustang, where can I get the score sheet from or maybe a run down on it. As far as the OK stamp I think I am trying to take it to far with the whole factory conditions, the car only has 75 K on her and I really want to beef up the inside of the motor but leave the outside looking factory, maybe a intake carb and headers, but other than that.

  I am not a big crome guy, my father taught me at a young age to stay away from crome and I like that ford blue color anyways. I even took a lot of flack when I was painting my 383 for my camaro oval blue, but what can I say. Trust I want to get more horses out of that 351C but what all can you do with the 2V?

  Well the car is comming together but I will have to start somewhere and that motor since it start everytime and give me no problems is on the back burner, for now. The stamp will be on the valve when I am done but my bro is a Bad@$$ air brushest and he will put it on there for me just for grins since it won't be judged. thanks


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