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Rear End Still Leaking

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So about a month or so ago i replaced the input seal in my rear because it appeared to be leaking.  But when we took out the old seal it looked brand new so assuming it must have been fault i put the new seal in any way but it continues to leak. Any one have any ideas at what i should do?

Can you tell if the pumpkin is bent.  Maybe someone jacked it up by the pumpkin and bent it.  Other than using an RTV sealant, I don't think there is much you can do if the pumpkin is bent.   But, most likely the cover is bent, and not the pumpkin.  Check out the cover and if it is bent, then just get a new cover. 

From what i see it is all comming from the front where the drive shaft comes into the rear but i will check that cover and see if it has a good seal all the way around

OK, I thought you were talking about the rear of the pumpkin.  Sorry.   The seal Needs to be perfectly clean when you put it in.  How old is that rear pumpkin?  Possibly it was driven with a worn out seal, and the race is worn. 

i had my mechanic change out the seal only a month a go and i notice that it is still leaking. i know that it has new 3.73 gears but from what it looks like the pumpkin is original to the car which would make it just about ten years old.


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