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Raced at Track for the very first time!

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Hi guys, well yesterday was my first time at the track down here in Miami, i beat an 82 Camaro!  ;) but was very disappointing the rest of the time. I think I am doing something wrong. When I launch the Mustang, takeoffs are real bad (lack of experience lol). Whats the best way to jump off the line if I rev it around 2700 & 3000rpm and then completely take my foot off the clutch pedal, or remove it slow or half way then completely off  ???  Most of my launches i stayed burning tires...! I am being robbed of my favorite part of driving.....quick takeoffs. Someone please help?!

When I rev my 98GT to about 2,000 RPMs and just do a quick transaction between the two pedals, i leave people in the dust.  Give that a try and see how it works for you. Remember, your new stang isn't like the rice cars, you dont need to rev so high to get power. so try between 2k-2.5k and let me know how it works for you.

so 2-5k rpms and completely release the clutch?

First of all, stay clear of the water trap.  The water trap is only good for racing slicks, and they take a burn out before launching.  98 is right.  Don't rev so high when launching.  A micro second after the clutch is engaged, then floor it.  Change from 1st to second after you reach about 5K RRM and that takes only a blink of an eye. Your advantage comes into play at about the 1/8 mile marker. 

 ;D awesome guys... N gurls lol. Thank u once again for the help,
Knew bout the water n the slicks (thnxs soaring:) ) gonna keep praticing and try and perfect it.  Thnxs to again to all... :)


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