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Raced at Track for the very first time!

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Make sure you floor it before the clutch fully engages. if you are TOO quick with the clutch, it'll bog down and you'll lose it that way. When I first went to the track, my first run had too much wheelspin because I revved it up too high like you were doing. The second run, I purposely tried to go the other way with it and had almost no wheelspin, but then it bogged down for the first bit. I still had a better time that way though. The third run I got it in between. I didn't bog down and had a bit of wheelspin to keep the rpms up and got an even better time. The fourth run, same thing. My car is a 2007 and I found that revving it to about 2000 or just over that was about right. Any more and it would just roast the tires. I also learned to not completely drop the clutch too quick.
Hope it helps, experiment a little.
btw, my car is completely stock and I went from a 15.52 sec quarter mile on the first run down to 14.2 in the fourth. So I shaved over 1.3 seconds off just by getting better.

Like anything, it takes practice, and all cars are different.   Here is an article you need to read before going to the track again. Lots of tips here.
Two things that will improve your launch is to let some air out of your rear tires, or buy some drag radials that are super sticky. 

Makes a lot of sense...been practicing today from red light to red light (alone lol) doing pretty good! peeling out very little & maintaining  the Rpm's high. thnxs to all ur tips  8) cant wait to hit the track again ;D

good luck hun  ;D


--- Quote from: stang98 on September 02, 2009, 02:17:06 PM ---good luck hun  ;D

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lol, thnxs just be carefull i might be the one to leave u eating leftover rubber if we meet one day  ;)


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