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Quick question about rot on engine frame rails


Hi I'm 18 and I've recently been restoring a 1993 Notch and when I pulled the motor I noticed that the engine frame rails tend to rot away right above the k-member. I was wondering if someone has had this problem and if you have please tell me how i can somewhat correct it to make it look better than it does. Thanks and any other tips that you have for me please include. Thanks

My suggestion is that you jack up the  engine a little bit and take the engine mounts off.  Wire brush or wire wheel the rusted area, then wipe it with a rust encapsulator like POR 15.  Let that dry, then hit it with a semi-gloss black paint.  Put the motor mounts back on and waaaalllaahh.  Problem solved. 

This was the outer rail in my 85 GT.

After I sold it because I didn't think it could be fixed and keep the structural integrity, I found out it could be fixed.
You can do what Soaring suggested, you can also cut it out and replace it with a piece steel to help strengthen it.  I've seen a few people do that and it works really well.


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