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question on value


I have a chance to pick up a 72 conv Mustang in excellant condition with 50,000 orig miles for ready for this 5,000 bucks is this a no brainer?  Thanks Jeff

Where did you see that? If it's from a paper or internet ad, chances are good it's a scam. For $5,000, all you could get is a restoration project and if it's real I would buy it right away :)

Thanks for the reply, the car is in Iowa at my father inlaws uncles garage I would put it in excellant condition  Thanks I'll will go get it Thanks Jeff

Well, with the little information you gave us, I can't say you should buy it. If it has been sitting in a garage for 20 or 30 years it could be in worse condition than a car with more miles driven regularly. If you have any photos, you can post them here.


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